Customer-focused product champion/ Oil Analysis Subject Matter Expert (SME)
Market-driven team leader who understands oil analysis technology, customers, cost of goods, and product lifecycles. Trusted by industrial oil analysis customers. Respected for professional contributions, publications, and inventions.


Exceptional skills include long term perspective, strategic & tactical objectives, creative outside-the-box thinking, intellectual property (IP), business-to-business negotiation, and consideration for other parties.


Experienced market-down inventor/ engineer/ leader well-known for guiding others with novel concepts, filing patents, and building valuable IP portfolios. Customer-focused product champion with new product development (NPD), expertise. Enforcer of protected IP with competitors. Venture licensor to adjacent space companies.


Exceptional skills include innovative IP, business-to-business negotiation, long-term view, strategic and tactical objectives, and creative outside-the-box thinking.