Emerson Process Management, Knoxville, TN
Business Development (BD), IP Portfolio Management, Venture and Enforcement Licensing

  • Enforced business unit patents globally. Conceived and executed 32 Agreements. Received cash (~$13M) and barter (9 patents, 3 alliances, 2 most favorable purchases terms, and 2 market exclusivities) in exchange for license grants. Gained respect from competitors who called to request practical settlement before launching products.

  • One venture license became merger & acquisition (M&A).

  • "I have never seen someone who can negotiate a deal like you can," Brian Humes, VP & GM, Emerson Electric.


Product Champion, Product Manager, Product Developer, and Subject Matter Expert (SME)

  • Identified new business opportunities, led teams of hardware and software developers, co-invented new-to-the-world products. Example: on-site minilab systems (CSI 5100/5200) sold to more than 1000 sites worldwide, total sales of $50M with 30% OP, high customer loyalty. Authored 4 ASTM Standards and dozens of published articles.


US Department of Energy, Oak Ridge, TN
Research and Development (R&D) Engineer to Business Unit (BU) Manager

  • Solved a challenging problem that caused premature failures in uranium gas centrifuges. Advanced the state of art for thick composites in compression (e.g., deep ocean Navy Autonomous Unmanned Search System -AUSS) and thermoplastic in space applications (e.g., Strategic Defense Initiative "SDI" or "Star Wars").

US Army Corps of Engineers, USA and Germany
Combat Engineer Officer, (MOS 21D), Grades 01 (Lieutenant) through O5 (Lieutenant Colonel)

  • Favorite assignments included construction, destruction, military intelligence, and disaster relief preparations.

Engineer and Founder
Innovative Transition™ LLC provides contract engineering services
April 2015 – Present (1 year)Knoxville, Tennessee Area

  • Business Development (BD) engineer. Experienced with Intellectual Property (IP) and New Product Development (NPD). Skilled to assist clients with Patent & Trademark portfolios, alliance partnerships, dispute resolutions, venture & enforcement licensing.

  • Customer focused product champion.

  • Able to translate creative ideas into valuable patent landscape.

  • Experienced market-driven inventor / engineer / leader well-known for guiding others with novel concepts, filing patents, and building valuable IP portfolios.

  • Enforcer of protected IP with competitors.

  • Venture licensor to adjacent space companies.

  • Exceptional skills include innovative IP, business-to-business negotiation, long-term view, strategic and tactical objectives, and creative outside-the-box thinking.

  • CLIENTS INCLUDE: Spectro Scientific™, iCare™, Surgical Planning Associates, and RDI™


Engineer and Business Development
Emerson Electric
February 1991 – March 2015 (24 years 2 months)

  • Machinery Health Management, a division of Emerson Process Management. Participated in innovation, development and sales of comprehensive oil analysis minilabs purchased for more than 1000 industrial sites. Positions include Engineering Manager for eight years and Marketing Product Manager for four years and Business Development for twelve years.


Lieutenant Colonel, Retired
US Army Corps of Engineers
June 1975 – October 2000 (25 years 5 months)

  • U. S. Army Corps of Engineers, various locations. Served five years active duty as company grade officer in combat engineer battalion. Received honorable discharge from active duty as a Captain. Then served 20 years in U. S. Army Reserve units including 3992d USAR School and Nashville District of U. S. Army Corps of Engineers. Received honorable discharge from USAR as Lieutenant Colonel.


Lockheed Martin
April 1980 – February 1991 (10 years 11 months)

  • Union Carbide and Martin Marietta, K25 Plant at DOE Oak Ridge Operations. Participated in R&D and business development for fiber-reinforced composite structures used in uranium gas centrifuge and several Department of Defense programs. Positions included R&D Engineer and Business Unit Manager. New composites business resulted in $5 million annual revenue for engineering services.